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The Society for Southwest Archivists is committed to hosting an accessible, inclusive Annual Meeting at which all attendees, including individuals with disabilities, may fully engage in all programmed events, whether in-person or virtual.  Please find below a summary of accessibility information for the conference hotel and Annual Meeting program.  To request an accommodation, please submit your request through the accommodation section of the registration form.  For inquiries about accessibility or to request accommodations after submitting your registration, please contact the LAC accessibility coordinator, Brian Graney.


Conference Hotel

Hotel Albuquerque is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Conference room signage includes Braille; wayfinding signage throughout the hotel includes raised letters.  

Wheelchair-accessible guest rooms are available.  Attendees requiring accessible guest rooms may contact Hotel Albuquerque Group Rooms Manager, Stacey Chavez , for reservations at the conference rate. A limited number of wheelchairs are available through the hotel.    

Service Animals

Service animals are welcome at the Hotel Albuquerque and throughout the conference site.  They are exempt from fees or restrictions.

Under the New Mexico Service Animal Act of 2013, emotional support animals are not considered service animals.  In the State of New Mexico, only dogs trained to do specific tasks for individuals qualify as service animals.

Emotional support animals (dogs only) are welcome at the Hotel Albuquerque under their Pet policy.  Fees and restrictions – including restrictions on access to conference and meeting rooms – will apply.  For more information, contact Hotel Albuquerque Group Rooms Manager, Stacey Chavez.

Gender-Neutral Restroom

A single-occupancy gender-neutral restroom is located next to the conference restrooms in the East Atrium of the hotel.  Signage identifies this as a “Family Restroom.”

Lactation Room

Attendees may inquire about access to a lactation room at the SSA conference registration table.

Quiet Room

A quiet room will be provided for all attendees at the Sandia Boardroom located off the West Atrium. The room will have a “QUIET ROOM” sign at the entrance. The quiet room is open between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM on Thursday, April 27; and between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM on Friday, April 28.

You can work, think, chill out or nap in the quiet room but please don’t talk to other attendees. You can listen to headphones and you are also welcome to use computers and phones if they have their sound muted and you don’t have a voice conversation through them.

If you and someone else in the quiet room want to chat, please leave the room. If others are talking or making noise in the quiet room, and you are comfortable reminding them of the rules, please do so. Otherwise please ask the registration desk for help.


Program Information

The conference program will be is available online at Screen-reader compatible versions are available for download in accessible document formats: 

Society of Southwest Archivists 2023 Annual Meeting Program (Word file)

Society of Southwest Archivists 2023 Annual Meeting Program (PDF/A file)

Welcome and Plenary Address

The Welcome and Plenary Address on Thursday, April 27, will take place in the Alvarado ABC room located off the North Atrium. The room arrangement will feature a speakers’ dais in the front center with two projection screens to the right and left. ASL interpretation will be provided for onsite attendees. Manual transcription (CART) will be provided through Zoom for virtual attendees and will be projected for onsite attendees. Microphones will be available to amplify the speaker and for questions from attendees.

Workshops and Educational Sessions

Workshops and Educational Sessions will take place in the Potters, Weavers, and Turquoise conference rooms located past the West Atrium near the hotel’s west exit. Session rooms will be arranged with speakers at the front and attendees seated in a horseshoe arrangement. At the center, a Meeting OWL 3 [PDF link] device will serve as camera and room microphone for virtual attendees via Zoom. An extension microphone and soundbar will be available for questions by attendees. Zoom’s automated captioning feature will be enabled for virtual attendees; automated captions will not be projected in the session rooms.

Past, Present, Future – Breakfast with SSA Leadership

Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be provided for breakfast.  


With the exception of the Historic Fairview Cemetery, all tour sites and transportation to tour sites are wheelchair accessible . 

All-Attendee Reception

The reception will be held at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. The exhibition and reception areas of the center are wheelchair-accessible. A gender-neutral restroom will be designated on the ground floor.

The reception will have vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

Business Breakfast Meeting & SLOTTO

The business meeting and SLOTTO will be available for in-person attendees only.  Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be provided for breakfast.